Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Here's Your ECNALUBMA!!

I have a phrase that can change your life as a caregiver!

You need to write it down on a Post-It note and put it at the top of your mirror so you see it every morning. You need a sweater with this phrase on it; the phrase needs to be written backwards like ECNALUBMA (when people are driving and they look in their rear-view mirror they see AMBULANCE) that way, every time you stand in front of a mirror, walk by a big window, or stroll by a shiny, dark car you see the reflection of the phrase. You need to write it on your palm or the back of your wrist so that when you hit a moment of stress you can simply look down and remember…

Detach with love.

I read the phrase on the agingcare.com site in an article by caring consultant, Carol Bradley Bursack.

Bursack does a wonderful job of explaining that, as caregiver, we often find that the person for whom we are caring becomes bossy, angry, and—sometimes—downright mean. In most situations they didn’t exhibit those behaviors in the past, but now, as their condition deteriorates, their feelings about life and control slipping away from them causes a level of stress that manifests itself in negative behaviors.

Detach with love. 

You aren’t detaching in the sense of denying your responsibilities or denying your love for them. You are simply acknowledging that they aren’t the person they were before…now.

Detach with love.

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