Thursday, December 17, 2015

Here's How to Be SUPER CAREGIVER!!!! You'll Be Amazed....

What if there was a secret to boosting your confidence, pulling yourself out of those low times, and becoming SUPER CAREGIVER?!

The secret may be so simple—and, at times, silly-feeling—you’ll have a hard time believing it.

Amy Cuddy is a Harvard researcher who has found an interesting connection between body language and confidence. Her TED talk is one of the most-watched, ever…simply paste this link to your browser and check it out…

Cuddy has found that standing in a “power pose,”—fists on hips, head up, feet spread—you know, like Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, like a superhero, tells our brains to be more confident. The pose gives us an I can do this! type of confidence. 

Aren’t there times you could really use a boost? What about those days when caregiving is making life crazy and you need something to show you that it isn’t totally overwhelming? I know this sounds kinda wild, but it works! 

Try it in private. Assume the pose and two things happen: First, you’ll probably start laughing at the whole thing, and laughter is a wonderful antidote to stress. Second, if you hold the pose for a minute, and breath deeply as you do, you’ll find that you actually feel better, more powerful. According to TIME magazine, “Using a few simple tweaks to body language, Harvard researcher Amy Cuddy discovers ways to help people become more powerful.” 

Cuddy's life story is one of wonderful, but unexpected, success. Early in her college career she suffered a severe head injury and wasn’t supposed to be able to finish college. Not only did she complete her undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D., she returned to her training as a classical dancer and was wonderfully successful at that. Today, she is a well-respected researcher and teacher at the Harvard Business School.

No kidding, you should try this. In the short-term, assuming a power pose is a wonderful way to find a lighter heart. In the long-term, it can be a powerful weapon in your arsenal tools of ways to keep caregiving from making life crazy!

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