Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Drive On!

What are you thinking about when you’re driving? Come on, you can admit it; if caregiving is making you crazy you’re probably thinking about caregiving.
Whether caregiving has just been thrust upon you or you’re a veteran caregiver you can probably give me examples of missing red lights or stop signs; making moves on an interstate about which you later think, “that was scary, I shouldn’t have done that;” or losing your car keys every other day.
When driving to see your caree or simply running to the supermarket for a few things,  try to be extra attentive.  The stress and preoccupation inherent in caregiving may mean you are less focused on driving and more accident prone.  
Examine the routes you travel to frequently-visited destinations; supermarkets, doctors’ offices, care facilities and friends’ homes.  If you travel through highly congested areas, notably those with busy intersections, you may want to find alternate routes. Don’t worry that the trip takes a few minutes longer, safety is more important. Simply changing the time of day you make your trips may serve to make the trip safer. 

If you make regular trips to a care facility you may want to find a route that allows a short stop afterwards to “decompress” from a stressful visit.  Stopping at a mall to window shop, at a park to take a short walk, or at a friend’s home to chat for awhile may allow you to bring your mind back into a less-stressed mode. 

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