Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Getting Through the Tough Times

You’ve had a tough day of caregiving…how do you deal with it/treat yourself/deal with the stress? 

If you find a glass of wine, a cold beer or a candy bar relaxing there is nothing wrong with that — in moderation. Substance abuse, including food or any other type of harmful escape, is absolutely out. 

I often tell people that my method of coping is The 3 B’s…Books, Barbells and Beer. And, I make no excuses about using beer as a relaxer…but, I know my limit and when I reach it, I stop. 

Have I always been that disciplined…no. It’s just that I’ve had some situations in which I said and did things I regretted after having a few (or waaaaay) too many beers. I learned my lesson. 

Caregiving is difficult enough without the guilt that comes with losing control, even though the behavior may seem to make you feel better in the short term. 

A wide range of options for stress reduction are available. And yes, I’ll agree that exercise/meditation/prayer sometimes aren’t as satisfying as a cold beer can be, but here’s the cliche, you’ll thank yourself in the morning. 

Don’t make caregiving more difficult than it has to be.


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