Thursday, April 30, 2015

60-Second Focus

 Each morning you should lie in bed for 60 seconds longer and do two things. 

First, do a physical self assessment.  Is the stress of caregiving manifesting itself in physical ways?  

If your jaw hurts first thing in the morning you may be grinding your teeth at night.  If your hands hurt you may be clinching your fists as you sleep.  Are you more irritable, nervous, tired, or emotional?  The answer to the question is almost always going to be “Yes.”  

If so, how can you find a positive way to respond to the stress and possibly lessen it?  One answer is to concentrate on the second part of the 60-Second Focus.  Find one good thing about the day to which you can look forward.  Even if it is only that the sun is shining or you are still breathing.  Look hard and you can find one good thing about the upcoming day.  

If you can’t find one good thing . . . stay in bed another 60 seconds.

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