Monday, March 2, 2015

Zero In On CRAZY

Here's where we are so far when determining your CRAZY level in caregiving:

C = Care (make sure the caree is safe)
R = Realistic (Expectations)
A = Ask (if you don't know keep asking questions)

The Z in CRAZY stands for Zero, as in, Zero in on the two issues that cause you most of your craziness and Zero in on the two people/activities/indulgences/thoughts that lower your stress level and help you keep the craziness at bay.

If I asked you to list all the things about caregiving that make you CRAZY you might have a really long list: professional caregivers, wandering, the caree asking multiple questions, having to deal with hygiene, impacts on your personal life...the list goes on and on.

Or, you might have a very short list: Having to keep up with all the paperwork and dealing with hygiene issues.

If you've ever heard of the 80/20 Rule, The Pareto Principle, you'll remember that it's called "the rule of the vital few." A few things cause most of your joys, most of your productivity and most of your problems.

So, the point here is to focus in on the vital few in a couple of areas: Challenges and Relief.

And yes, there's all that other stuff to take care of, but if you can focus in on the vital few you'll find that your feeling of control goes up and your craziness level goes down.

Take a moment and ask yourself, "What are the two issues about caregiving that really make me CRAZY?" Once you list the challenges ask yourself these questions (they are called the 5 D's):
- Can I Delay it?
- Can I Delegate It?
- Can I Diminish it (take a bite out of the problem a little at a time to make it smaller)?
- Can I simply not Do it (with no negative consequences to the caree?)?
- If the first four choices don't work can I simply Do it as quickly and effectively as possible and move on?

Stick with me. In the next blog I'll show you how to Zero in on the stress relievers.

***Don't forget to forward this blog to anyone you know who's a lower the craziness!

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