Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Where's That Form I Need?!!

You've been on the phone to the doctor's office/insurance company/home care business for an hour and getting them to make a decision has come down to one thing...the form. There's a form you filled out/should have filled out and if you can get the form to them as soon as possible they can make a decision that helps you and your caree.

So, where's the form?

You think it's in the pile of stuff on the dining room table, or in a folder stuck in a drawer with all the other forms or maybe it's the one with the coffee ring on it held onto the refrigerator door with a Myrtle Beach magnet.

Being disorganized is stressful, expensive and downright overwhelming. Disorganization can make you CRAZY!

If you aren't as organized as you'd like to be today is your day. Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day.

Here are five simple tips to get and stay organized.

1. The 30-Second Secret: Don’t got to bed at night and don't walk out of the house without spending 30 Seconds straightening a few things up. Take 30 Seconds at any time of day and dump/organize a few things on your computer desktop. This is the magic, nothing-beats-this key to getting and staying organized. The cumulative effect of 30 Seconds is amazing.
2. Like Piles: Put things in piles of “like” activities and work your way through each pile. The Piles are: What do you need to take Action on? What do you need to Pass On to others? What do you need to File/Store? What’s in the “Mystery” pile? What do you need to Trash?
3. Get a Timer: Use the Timer on your phone or go to WalMart and spend $8 for a baking timer. Set it to 15-minutes and organize as much as you can. When the bell goes off you get to quit.
4. 2-Day Clean Up: Pick a day and spend a couple of hours purging all the stuff you can. Don't worry about cleaning up everything. Just throw away/give away as much as you can. Six months from now, pick another day and do the same thing. A few hours, twice a year, keeps you from being buried in stuff.
5. Prime Real Estate: If you don't have a desk at which you keep all your caregiving information where do you keep it? You need some sort of work center that makes it easy for you to find all the important documents you need; having them scattered around in a variety of places makes your life crazier. Even if it's simply one of those plastic, handle-on-the-top file boxes you can get at the office box stores or WalMart, that's better than having stuff scattered all over the house.

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