Monday, March 16, 2015

Most Dangerous In America

My hometown, Lumberton, has recently been chosen as the "Most Dangerous City in North Carolina" based on per-capita violent crime and property crime. If you search for "The Most Dangerous Counties in America," Robeson County, of which Lumberton is the county seat, is #2 on the

So much of what's not good about Lumberton and Robeson County has to do with low levels of education/employment/income. Although, they just scored a great new corporate neighbor, Sanderson Farms, that will bring 1100 new jobs to the area!

Now, you're thinking, "What does this have to do with caregiving?"

Well, if you lived in an area that had a "Most Dangerous" tag and in which the average level of education wasn't very high and you wanted a job and you weren't willing to, or couldn't, move to somewhere more than two miles from mama and daddy and the people you grew with...and the health care industry was exploding...then, even though you might wish you were doing something else...anything else...working at a nursing home or care center might be a "good" job.

I keep thinking that some of the reasons above are why, when I walk into the nursing home in which my mother resides, I don't see many smiles. You'll hear, "I've been working here 24 years and I love my job," but she certainly didn't have a smile on her face when she said it.

HERE'S MY POINT: That's why I say "Thank You!" to almost everyone I meet in her facility. The nurses, CNAs, receptionists, administrators, admissions, maintenance and the lady changing the linens (especially'd you like to change bedpans and soiled linens all day?).

Whether it's in Robeson County or We're-Richer-Than-Daddy Warbucks County the people who take care of those whom we love have a tough job. Thank them as often as you can and if you can take them a treat every now and then, do it.

Remember, they are the people who are hands-on, literally, and face-to-face, on an hourly basis, with the folks we love. The stresses they encounter on a daily basis, including their contact with us, family and friends of the caree, can go long way in making them CRAZY! Hearing "Thank You!" every now and then can offset some of the craziness.

Thank you.

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