Friday, March 13, 2015

Look What the Cat Dragged In!

I'd love to meet the caregiver who never has a negative thought. Their drugstore bill has to be unbelievable.

The "worry factor" for most of us as caregivers is so high that for years I've been teaching folks to think the word “Delete!” when their minds move into negative/unproductive thoughts and emotions.

I taught that if you catch yourself moving into a negative mental or emotional state simply start thinking or saying out loud the word, “Delete!” and keep saying it until it’s all you can focus on. Then push yourself to think about something positive or start a positive activity that moves you away from the negativity.

I’ve found something better!

Recently, I discovered that if, instead of “Delete!,” I used the phrase, “Look what the cat dragged in!,” it made me smile—sometimes laugh out loud—and I’ve found I can more easily move into a positive frame of mind. It works almost immediately!

Try it. When you feel yourself easing or jumping into a negative mental state think or say, “Look what the cat dragged in!” Or, come up with another phrase that you find outrageously funny.

No kidding, this works and it can be one of those little tricks that can keep you from going CRAZY!

***If you know another caregiver, or someone you know caregiving is making CRAZY! please forward this blog to them.

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  1. Delete! Perfect advice. I'm going to keep this in mind.