Thursday, August 7, 2014

Zombie Caregivers

The zombie craze has hit me in a different way than you might think. Whenever I see a shot of zombies I think of some of the caregivers I've seen. They have that hollow, burned out, life-as-I-knew-it-is-over look in their eyes.

When I talk about caregiving making you CRAZY that look, that feeling, is part of what I'm talking about. You don't have to be told that caregiving can make you CRAZY, can turn you into a zombie, you already know it.

But, CRAZY means more than you might think.

The C in CRAZY stands for Care.

You have to Care for yourself or you won't be able to take care of others. You'll burn out and either there won't be anyone to care for the caree or you'll end up caring for them in a zombie state.

What do you need to make sure you do for yourself? Make sure you take your meds, drink more water, get a little exercise, rest as often as possible, ask for help. There are a wide range of ways you can care for yourself.

I get the fact that you love the person for whom you care caring, but focusing all-in on them and forgetting that you need care, too, is waaaay beyond being's negligent.

You take care of you.