Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catch'em Doing Something Right!

Here are two things that REALLY make us crazy as caregivers:

One, feeling like we are doing it all ourselves. Two, feeling that even when other folks do try to help they are doing whatever it is that needs doing wrong.

Want more help? Want more help doing it right?

Catch'em when they are doing something right and thank them or brag on them. Catching people doing things right is the best way to get more help and get more help doing things right.

Too often we believe the help has to come in the way we would give it. Unfortunately, not everyone is a mind reader nor do they believe the job has to be done the way we think it's supposed to be done.

As long as the caree is safe, everything else is a bonus. Let folks help in the way they want to help, pat'em on the back and thank them and then slowly guide them into doing it the way you want it done.

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