Sunday, April 27, 2014

But, What About Today?!!

One of the crazy-making emotions cranked up by caregiving is the intimation of our own mortality. If we’re caring for a someone, especially if they are elderly, we can’t help getting the feeling, “That’ll be me one day.”

There are two sides to the feeling so let’s lay’em out: First, we’re right on a variety of levels. If we’re lucky and nothing bad out of the blue happens we probably have a lot years left.

And yes, lot is a relative word, but we have…years…left.

The other side is that, yes, there may be a day in which we’re in a similar situation to the person for whom we’re caring.

Our society has only recently started helping us believe that we can age gracefully and that the years of life ahead of us don’t have to be a slogging through the mud of life death sentence.

Caring for another, and watching how they accept their later time in life, can help each of us decide, “is this how I want to do aging?”

And the benefit of our experience may not accrue solely to us. Everyone from our siblings and friends to children and co-workers will see how we handle our caregiving experience and how we deal with our own aging. They may discover a new way to experience compassion, empathy, caring and love for others by our example.

Today is a new day. We get to make choices about today. And today doesn’t have to be like yesterday.

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