Monday, January 13, 2014

Not Just "No," Hell No!

One of the main things that make caregivers crazy is trying to do too much.

I’m with ya on the heartfelt quote and emotional graphic we all see on FaceBook, “God never gives you more than you can handle.”

But, you know what, as a caregiver I can tell you that there are times I wish He’d pour a little less in my bucket.

People who try to do too much are usually running short on a couple of things: Anticipation…and the ability to say “No.”

As caregivers a lot of us believe we are running as fast as we can and we simply can’t or don’t take the time to look ahead and anticipate what’s coming at us…so then, when it’s right on top of us all we can do is react.

I get it that some of you are saying you’d be able to get it all done with a little help. But, that’s a case of not anticipating what has to be done and doing some planning about getting the help you need.

Slowing down just a tad enables you to look out into the future and see what’s coming at you. At that point you can determine what really needs to be done, what you can delay, what you can delegate and what you might be able to shelve completed…and…what you can simply refuse to do.

Saying “No” can be a real issue for some caregivers. But, I promise, if you can start saying “No” to some obligations, appointments, people, tasks and habits your life gets simpler, tasks seem easier and you can breathe.

As for saying, “No.” There are lots of ways to say, “No.” You might say, “I want to give you 100 percent but right now my plate is full and unless you can help me get some things off my plate I won’t be able to help you.”

Or, you could just say, “Not just ‘No,’ but ‘Hell No!’”

Go to and simply search the phrase, “Say No,” and you’ll find a ton of resources that can help you say “No” without feeling guilty.