Monday, October 28, 2013


One of the worst ways that caregiving makes us crazy is making us forget things!

Most of us have ways we remind ourselves to do things, remember new ideas or keep important tasks in front of us.

Some people use a To-Do List and check it on a regular basis. Others use sticky notes or little slips of paper, then jot notes to themselves and either leave the notes in plain sight, put them in a pocket or purse or post them on the bathroom mirror or other places in home and office.

I’ve started using a new system that is working really well. I send myself an email and put the task, new idea or issue on the subject line.

I know I’ll check emails on laptop, iPad or iPhone a couple of times a day. So, when I see my list of emails there’s the thing I have to do or the idea I want to remember.

One of the wonderful things about this method is that I can note the idea and send the email by voice simply by using the Siri feature on my phone. I don’t have to type it in or text it…which works really well ‘cause we’re all trying to cut back on texting while driving…you are doing that, aren’t you?

Try my idea sometime…send yourself an email as a reminder. I’m betting you get hooked like I have.

And, I’ll tell you what I REALLY love about the idea: Late in the week I go into my email, call up all the emails with my name as the sender and simply Delete, Delete, Delete…it’s like checking tasks off a To-Do List, a great Got-It-Done feeling!