Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swimming Through the Craziness

Of all the people to be slowed down by their caregiver experience making them crazy I should be the last one…but I’m not.

It’s been waaaay too long since I posted a blog and I promise it won’t happen again. They won’t come every day but I can promise one or two a week.

Here’s what got me going again: Seeing the legendary Diana Nyad finally make the record swim from Cuba to Florida. I was immediately reminded of a quote by the minister, author and radio personality, Eric Buttorworth (1916-2003). He said, “Finding ourselves in deep water is not a problem if we know how to swim.”

If caregiving ain’t deep water I don’t know what is.

The key is knowing how to swim through it. There will certainly be times when it seems that you are drowning…or, at least, that you are swallowing more water than you’re swimming through.

If you keep stroking—looking for those things that give you patience and strength and help you maintain your health—you can swim to the other side, the time when you won’t be a caregiver anymore.

One of the most difficult things about the experience though, is that most of us dread the day we reach the other side. The end of the caregiver experience is certainly a bittersweet arrival.

But, if all you’re doing is treading water or thrashing around like a small child trying to learn to swim you can’t last through the experience. You exhaust yourself and start going under.

Keep kicking, keep stroking…like Diana Nyad. It took four attempts over 25-years for Nyad to complete her swim and make her dream come true. Do as she did; learn more about the experience and about yourself.

If you’re a caregiver you’re in deep water. Keep swimming. You can do this.