Sunday, May 5, 2013

Keeping Up With Our Stuff

When caregiving makes you crazy one of the first things to go is your short-term memory? You're focused on your challenges and no telling how many other, little, everyday things fall through the cracks.

Like your car keys. Anybody misplaced those lately? How about your glasses or cell phone or purse or shoes or…you get the idea.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, reporter Michael Hsu noted that, luckily, the brainiacs in the computer business have started coming up with gizmos that can help us keep track of our stuff.

The technology can be extremely useful for caregivers.

StickNFind ($50 for two,, hipKey ($90, and the Proximo ($60, all use Bluetooth technology. You use an app on your phone to find your stuff, or, in some cases, you push a button on the device to find your phone. They use small sensors you stick on the things you want to keep track of.

As more and more Baby Boomers become caregivers and Generation X becomes caregiver sensitive because they have to care for those of us who are their Boomer/parents we’ll see a whole range of gadgets meant to help us. Think of the camera setups long-distance caregivers are using to watch their parents. You can buy the camera and technology at Radio Shack. Sensors are being used to tag folks in care centers so they can be found if they wander away.

While technology can’t do much for what goes on in our hearts as we move through the caregiver journey, increasingly it can help our heads.

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