Monday, May 27, 2013

Get a Notebook

A good friend has just entered the caregiver journey. She’s a very smart person, highly organized and efficient, and we’ve talked about what’s coming in terms of caregiver responsibilities.

One of the suggestions she’s taken to heart is getting a notebook in which she’s keeping notes, instructions, forms and information relating to her caregiving situation.

If you don’t have a folder, file, notebook, box or something in which you store all the stuff you need to keep up with sooner or later you’ll be unable to find something important at just the moment you really need it.

Go to an Office Depot or Staples and get one of those big 4-inch-wide binders. Get a package of sheet protectors (for the articles you want to save and forms you’ll need on a regular basis). You might want to get a couple of the plastic pages in which you can put the business cards you might get from service providers.

I know some folks who are waaaaay organized who have different tabs for sections such as Insurance, Medicare, Home Care Groups and other topics.

Having something in which you can keep all the stuff means one less thing to worry about…. ‘cause you know you’ve got more than enough to worry about.

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