Monday, November 5, 2012

Stronger Than You Know

Sunday’s edition of my local paper had an article about parents of Autistic children who are waiting for Medicaid benefits.

The article chronicled all the issues delaying the benefits but the most important part was a series of comments from the parents. “I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.” “I’m at the end of my rope.” “I can’t take this much longer.”

Sound familiar?

When I talked about the article with a friend she said, “Those are special people, I don’t know if I could do something like that.”

To which I replied, “No, they aren’t special people. They are normal people in a special circumstance. And yes, you could do that. You wouldn’t have any choice. And you've done it before.”

I know my friend has that sort of strength because she has dealt with her own health issues and those of her late husband and late father-in-law.

 We are all much stronger than we think or give credit to ourselves.

When placed in extraordinary circumstances humans are wonderfully strong and resourceful creatures.

The stress comes from the fact that we often don’t want to be in the situations in which we find ourselves. I’m with ya! Go back and read the “I Hate Caregiving” blog from a couple of weeks ago.

But, again, we can hang tough or, as my friends in Texas say, “Cowboy Up,” when we need to.

The difficult issue about caregiving is that we seldom know when it will end. So we have to take care of ourselves as we move through the experience. It’s such a cliché now, but remember the airline attendant’s advice to put the mask on yourself first and then help others.

You can do this. Cowboy and Cowgirl Up!

***(Go to and check out the "Lindsey Haun Stronger Than You Know" video...don't let the opera fool you, it only lasts 1 minute...listen to the words)

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