Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Caregiving

Hurricane Sandy presents a serious threat to the most populous corridor in America.

Combine a fast-moving hurricane with 150-mile an hour, cold, jet-stream winds and a full moon (increases the gravitational pull on waves) and you get a storm seen once in a generation.

If you live in the path of Hurricane Sandy take the necessary precautions to stay safe.

Now that you’ve been warned…try this: Look at cargiving through the same type of lens as you would a hurricane.

If you’re a reasonably intelligent person and you live in the path of a hurricane you take precautions and, if you can, travel away from the threatened area. The dopes, or the people with few resources, hunker down and try to ride it out

How often do we take the same approach to caregiving? We recognize the threats caregving poses to health, work, relationships, thought processes and sources of joy and we….(too often) hunker down and try to ride out it out instead of taking precautions and/or moving away from the bad stuff.

Like many people who live in the path of a hurricane most caregivers can’t dodge the responsibilities and just move away. What we can do is anticipate the challenges posed by caregiving to our mental and physical health and happiness and work to minimize the damage.

We all have hurricanes in our lives and, as a caregiver, I can tell you that a lot of what we encounter should be called Hurricane Caregiving. How do we face it?

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