Monday, October 8, 2012

Constant, Gentle Pressure

One of the things that can make you crazy during caregiving is your contact with professional, semi-professional or other family "caregivers."

God Bless the good ones, but the lazy, uprofessional, minimal commitment...even dangerous...ones are enough to try the patience of Job.

Here's a way to keep'em from making you nuts: Constant, gentle pressure.

In legendary restauranteur Danny Meyer's bestselling book about customer service, Setting The Table, he talks about the constant, gentle pressure management style.

The concept can be used when managing some of the people who are supposed to help you in caregiving.

"Constant" means you keep after them to meet their commitments in terms of the care they are supposed to provide for your loved one. Remember, they have made commitments to a certain level of care. That doesn't mean they are supposed to care for the care recipient the same way you would care for that person. That sort of request is unrealistic.

"Gentle" means you don't lose your temper with them. You firmly help them understand, again, their commitments.

"Pressure" means you keep the pressure on in a constant, gentle way them understand...their commitments and your expectations that the commitments will be met.

Constant, gentle pressure helps you stay in control of the caregiving and of yourself.

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