Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Work, Caregiving, Work, Caregiving

Have you had the caregiver discussion with the folks at your job?

I'm not talking about the discussion in which you burden and bore everyone with the details about how difficult your caregiving experience is. I'm talking about how your caregiving experience might effect them.

Have you told them that there will be days you'll be getting to work late, leaving early, called away on a moment's notice, taking phone calls from care providers/emergency workers/the care recipient?

Over half of caregivers are still working so the caregiving discussion is being held in millions of workplaces. You are not alone in this.

Some employers are wonderfully understanding, others understand and seem to grudgingly cooperate, and some have a "we have work to do, that's your personal life" attitude.

Sometimes employers are wonderfully understanding at the beginning of your journey but don't realize that it's usually a marathon and not a sprint so they grow increasingly impatient with your caregiving demands.

Let's be honest: Your caregiving experience is YOUR caregiving experience.

Most folks will be supportive to a point but when your experience starts negatively impacting their lives you'll need to find creative ways to fulfill your job responsibilities, do good things for the people who help you and are patient with your challenges, and deal with the people who aren't supportive.

If you've had he discussion and have found ways to stay sane when blending caregiving and your work life leave a comment and let us know how you handled it.

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