Monday, September 17, 2012

Where Are Your Car Keys?

There’s a question that sums up a lot of the practical issues of being a caregiver.

Where are your car keys?

Most of us live a vehicle-centered lifestyle so if we don’t know where our keys might be we’re lost.

Your keys should be in one of two or three places: In the ignition of your vehicle, in your pocket or purse, or (if you are a male) the single place you put them when you take them out of your pocket.

But, we’ll drop’em on the table, on the bed, on a shelf, in the bathroom, on the bar, in the office and just about anywhere else there is a relatively flat surface.

The average American loses 15 hours every year looking for car keys. I’m willing to bet for caregivers it’s 40-60 hours.

Caregiving often stresses us to the point that we’d forget our heads if they weren’t attached to our bodies.

So, the location of our car keys is a wonderful microcosm of the challenges we face. And getting stressed looking for our keys makes us crazy.

So, have one place (a bowl, a hook, a box, next to your bed) to put your keys if you don’t leave them in a purse.

Finally, the have-a-place-for-things works great for a whole range of items you might use on a regular basis. The average American loses two weeks in time every year looking for stuff so anything you can do to ease that burden while caregiving is a good thing.

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