Monday, August 6, 2012

Telling the Tale

Here's the best way to push away the people who can do the most to help keep you from going crazy in your caregiving experience. Whenever they ask, "How are you?" Launch into an excruciatingly long story about your care experience including the names of care recipient's meds, doctors, therapy strategies, aides and bowel movements.

Believe me, I have been, and am now on, both sides of the conversation.

Here's the truth: They are asking a wonderful question but they really don't want to know everything that is going on. And if you drain their emotional energy with one of those "might as well recite every book of the Bible" answers they'll stop asking.

When people ask, "How are you?" simply say, "I'm Ok." Or, "I'm taking it day-by-day."

My favorite is, "Hey, I'm trying to be a grown-up."

If they ask more specific questions and you want to answer them, do it.

If you have a close friend who will let you rant, cry, explain and blow up you have a treasure, but don't wear them out. Tell them, "I need to get this out, but I want you to stop me in a few minutes."

Getting it all out is helpful, but doing it constantly makes you more crazy and wears you and them out.

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