Monday, July 23, 2012

It's OK to Feel the Happy/Sad

It's easy to let our emotions about caregiving and how we think about them make us crazy.

In a matter of seconds (or, more likely, one visit or contact) you can feel joy, anger, guilt, appreciation, sadness, happiness, frustration and fulfillment.

When I visit my mother at the Alzheimer's unit I always feel joyful when I see her. When I leave I almost always feel, "Thank you! Thank you! I'm out!!"

And, I've stopped feeling guilty about my....feelings.

It's ok.

You're human.

Caregivers who don't understand that it's ok to experience the range of emotions are the ones who have their lives stolen by the experience of caregiving.

Save yourself. Let it be ok to feel the range of emotions and then come back to the positive in your life.

The effort will help keep you from going crazy.

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