Monday, July 16, 2012

Caring for Those Who Help You Care

Keeping yourself sane while caregiving can be helped or hurt by how you connect with the people who might be helping you in the caregiving journey.

If the person for whom you are caring is in some sort of facility--hospital, assisted living, Alzheimer's unit--you should do small things to show the staff you appreciate what they do. Nursing aides are some of the least appreciated employees in health care and have some of the highest injury rates.

A kind word, a small gift or even small bits of cash every now and then help show them you understand and appreciate their help.

Granted, some facilities discourage gifts and some aides may pump you for extras once they know you'll offer, but making friends with the people who provide day-to-day care when you aren't around is a way to make sure your loved one gets attention when you...aren't...around.

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